Planned Parenthood celebrates 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade with new president, same hideous philosophy

Planned Parenthood has aborted their interim president and hired a new leader with a vision for the suture.

On the cusp of the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Cecile Richards, activist and daughter of former Texas Governor and rawhide catchers mitt with lipstick, Ann Richards, was named the new president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Richards was previously deputy chief of staff for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Now, as incoming president of PP, Richards has to face a challenge that has her former boss’s facelift set at “DefCon 4”, or “very tense”. (related item: Nancy Pelosi and Heaven’s Gate cult founder Marshall Applewhite, separated at birth?)

One of Richards’ first big chores, other than distributing bronzed coat hangar collectibles and “Precious Abortion Moments” figurines to commemorate her inauguration as well as celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, will be to figure out how to fight budget cuts in Texas that threaten to close several PP clinics.

The budget cuts go against everthing this nation stands for, according to PP. Cecile Richards plans to do something about this travesty, for it violates the very tenet of liberal philosophy: Never, ever pay for anything out of your own pocket.

Over this weekend and into early next week, a bunch of people whose parents didn’t kill them will gather to stress the importance of the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and how conservative judges could endanger this freedom. The budget cuts in Texas and overall federal funding for this “health care” procedure are also bound to be major topics.

Imagine the callous and chilling mindset in Planned Parenthood’s fight in Texas, and in general: A woman can never be truly free until she is able to kill her baby with your money. Murder and theft? At last, an organization has been able to realize the vision of liberty sought by the Founding Fathers.

Taxpayer subsidized murder is indeed a disgusting view of what constitutes freedom. But then again, when your philosophy lives in a septic tank, any view is going to be sickening.

Author: Doug Powers

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