"Violence in Canada is fault of U.S." say Canadians — "Payback for Celine Dion" say Americans

Some Canadians are wagging a disapproving finger at the United States. Why? Violent crime is on the rise in Canada. Well duh! It’s hockey season.

Aside from that, there’s an increase in gun deaths in Toronto, and some Canucks are blaming the United States. They would have blamed Bush directly, but the line was too long.

It’s difficult to understand how Canadians could blame the U.S. for their violence– after all, America sent them over a hundred thousand draft dodgers in the late 60’s and through the early 70’s. I guess Canada’s body rejected the “pacifism transplant”.

I also see that Bon Jovi’s plane skidded off a runway in Canada. That’s probably America’s fault, too. Actually, it probably is. I hear that security cameras captured these people dumping oil on the runway just prior to the plane landing.

Not long ago, Canada was almost saved. Dozens of pacifist liberal celebrities were threatening to move north if George W. Bush was elected in 2004. This may have infused Canada with a good shot of pacifist chemotherapy with which to rid itself of the cancer of violence imported from the U.S.

Shortly after the nightmare became reality and Bush was reelected, the Canadian Immigration Ministry said that Internet traffic from the United States shot up to six times normal.

The theory was that the increase in site traffic was perhaps partly due to disenchanted liberals seeking icy respite from a president they can’t stand. And then… nothing happened. They never did leave.

Canada didn’t get so lucky, and neither did the United States.

What’s the root cause of the Canadian increase in violent crimes? This man has a theory, which is included in the article:

Ricardo McRae, a 36-year-old Web-based artist who lives in downtown Toronto, spoke about the cross-border differences last week as he dined at a Front Street restaurant near the CN Tower.

“Canadians are appalled by crime, while for Americans, this is just a part of life and they’re a lot more complacent,” McRae said. “The foundation of the U.S. is based on fighting, guns and protecting yourself. The Canadian way of life is built on multiculturalism, acceptance and peace.

After Ricardo spoke to the reporter, he went to cheer on the Maple Leafs

Author: Doug Powers

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