In DC, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Reasons to Change the Subject

About a week ago, there was a slight ripple of excitement among Democrats after it was reported that photos had been discovered of George W. Bush with admitted felon and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

“Finally, we’ve got him!” Said many inside-the-beltway, along with those who would be inside but can’t fit all the way in.

They thought they “had him” (Bush) because Bush had previously stated that he’d never met Jack Abramoff. Well, he had, but apparently at a White House reception of some sort years ago on those cattle call nights when he gets his picture taken with hundreds of people.

How quickly is this story going to go away? Faster than Bubba can get a City College cheerleader out the back door when Hillary opens the front door. Why is it going to go away?

The New York Post helps explain:

As smoking guns go, surely these photos are far less incriminating than, say, the one taken at a White House Christmas party in which then-First Lady Hillary Clinton posed with Jorge Cabrera — just three weeks before he was arrested and charged with smuggling 6,000 pounds of cocaine.

He later pled guilty, amid reports that his $20,000 check to the Democratic National Committee came from an account replenished with cash from coke sales.

For that matter, back in the ’70s, then-First Lady Rosalynn Carter posed one-on-one with a Chicago Democratic precinct captain named John Wayne Gacy. Moreover, the photo was personally inscribed: “To John Gacy, Best Wishes — Rosalynn Carter.”

John Wayne Gacy… if there’s a clown you’d never let your kids within a mile of, it’s this guy.

Too add to the New York Post’s list, lets not forget Howard Dean’s photo-op with a producer of gay porno movies. This was while Howard was running for the Democrat nomination for president. Now at least we know where “the scream” came from.

Not to be outdone, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have rubbed elbows with Ukrainian mob boss Vadim Rabinovich.

Then of course there’s Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney, who was captured in the same frame with notorious pedophile Michael Jackson. From a political standpoint, that’s incredibly stupid– I can’t believe Jackson was dumb enough to allow his picture to be taken with somebody like McKinney.

The list goes on.

The truth is, almost every politician has had a photo-op they’d rather be able to take back (a lot of them probably with Abramoff), which is why this Bush-with-Abramoff blockbuster will quickly become the 8-track-tape of stories.

Rosalyn Carter and serial killer John Wayne Gacy — too bad the Carter malaise wasn’t contagious

Author: Doug Powers

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