New Bolivian president soon to be darling of the American left?

In December, Evo “Ponch” Morales was elected president of Bolivia by the widest margin since 1982.

Morales ran on the following platform which, if it weren’t for the pay cut thing, would threaten Morales with a lawsuit from American Democrats for copyright infringement:

–If elected, he’d cut his pay in half

–Fight corruption

–Increase taxes on the wealthy

–Renationalize energy companies

President Morales has already come through on his first promise, and has cut is pay more than in half to a little more than $1,800 a month. He’s urged other government officials to do the same, and they’ll pretty much have to, since no member of government can earn more than the president.

Evo says he wants to “share the burden of the poor”. This is yet another feature that would make Morales almost the perfect American Democrat in the mold of Kennedy, Kerry, Hillary, etc. Why only “almost”? The American left only wants you to share the burden of the poor– they’re not dumb enough to dive headfirst into that empty pool themselves.

However, “sharing the burden of the poor” does earn Morales an honorary degree from Kerry and Kennedy’s “Massachusetts Institute of Tomfoolery”, where students are taught that the only way to cure cancer is to get cancer.

When Bolivian voters realize that a leader who has jumped into the mudhole with them isn’t making them less muddy, be on the lookout for that nation’s 999th coup. One more and they win a five-minute shopping spree at “Futility R Us”.

Morales, right, “shares the burden” with a constipated moron, left

Author: Doug Powers

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