Senator Sheehan? From Protesting the Ranch, to Buying the Farm

Cindy Sheehan, war protester, and… Senator?

Sheehan, in Venezuela to attend some socialist/communist conference or other, has said that she will return to Yasgur’s Farm south, formerly Crawford, Texas and that she is also considering opposing Democrat California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Once in Crawford, she will to continue the peace vigil and folk festival near Bush’s ranch, where, if you look carefully, on occasion you can catch a glimpse of a war protester behind all the media.

“Joan Baez, white courtesy phone. Joan Baez… white courtesy phone.”

Actually Sheehan didn’t say she was returning to the Crawford KOA. Cindy’s spokesman, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, did. Said Chavez:

“She is going to put up her tent again in front of Mr. Danger’s ranch.”

“Mr. Danger”? Somebody please go down there and pull the plug on the James Bond-a-thon on VTV.

There’s no telling how popular, or not, Sheehan’s newest campout will be. The numbers dwindle as she moves more and more to the left. Soon it’ll just be Cindy and Noam Chomsky at a cozy table for two.

During Sheehan’s earlier visits to Crawford, Yasgur’s Farm south attracted more weasels than an open-air chicken coop.

Folks like the Reverend Al Sharpton, after announcing that Sheehan’s protest had finally gained the focus of enough TV cameras to satisfy the media coverage rider in Sharpton’s contract, showed up on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, to deliver his own speech, which could very well go down in history as the “Vermin on the Mount.”

Groups such as and True Majority (rule of thumb: any group with the word “majority” in it’s name, isn’t in it) were, and may continue, helping finance the base camp at Yasgur’s Farm south. True Majority is a group set up by Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, the company that displays a pretty exterior of socialist idealism, all supported by the camouflaged joist of fierce right-wing capitalism. Shhh … don’t tell.

Senator Sheehan?

In addition to all this, Sheehan has announced (and I think it was actually her that said this, not Hugo Chavez, though I can’t confirm at this time) that she may challenge Dianne Feinstein for U.S. Senate from California.

Sheehan will be asked about this while in Crawford, and she’ll have many quiet moments with which to begin to pen her concession speech.

Nice knowin’ ya, Cindy. You’re going to be challenging Dianne Feinstein, and you’ve ticked off Hillary Clinton— you might want to bring back Chavez’s security detail with you from Venezuela. If you think Republicans and conservatives can be vicious… wait until you see how mean your friends can be.

Sheehan said she wants Feinstein out because Dianne supports the war in Iraq. Feinstein, true to form, responded by saying “No I’m not… I mean, I voted for it, but only because I didn’t want to not vote for it, but only because I was misled, so I continue to vote to fund it even though I was bamboozled into voting for it…” Well, something like that.

Cindy Sheehan may be losing Democrat pals, but the hard core left is still with her. Leftist organizations and anti-war Hollywood still firmly stand with Cindy, as will the MSM cover her exploits, even if nobody else shows up.

A final thought about “friends” of Cindy Sheehan.

One can only hope that Ms. Sheehan is able to someday find peace for the loss of her son, and the first step in that would be for her to ask herself – and honestly answer – one question: “Why does the media, special-interest groups, and Hollywood left seem to care so much about my son now that he’s dead, and were nothing but critical of people like him, his fellow soldiers, and their beliefs, when he was alive?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d never side with somebody to whom my loved ones are worth more dead than alive.

Addendum: If you ever wondered how the radical anti-war group “Code Pink” got it’s name, click here. Hint: It must have something to do with Pepto Bismol.

Make sense?: President Bush (above in 2004, kissing Sheehan), the only public figure to give Cindy Sheehan the time of day while her son was still alive, is now the bad guy, and all those who despised the mission of Casey Sheehan are now hangers-on of his mother

Author: Doug Powers

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