In case the idea of the UAE operating some U.S. ports wasn’t enough to make you nervous, here’s another one for you:

Momentum is building within the Air Force to sell the service’s prized F-22A Raptor — which is loaded with super-secret systems — to trusted U.S. allies, with Japan viewed as the most likely buyer, service and industry officials tell Inside the Air Force.

Apparently the U.S. is a little strapped for cash. What’s next? An AWACS plane with “Your ad here” on the side?

If the Japanese do buy these fighters, hopefully the first thing they use them for is to put a stop to whatever the hell is going on here:


One Response to “Air Force to sell two F-22A fighters to foreign governments who feel the need… the need… for speed!”

  1. WilliamPepe on November 30th, 2016 4:00 am

    Whenever i think about F22, the only thing come in mind is Starscream (one of the villain from Transformers franchise film).The thing is, when jet fighter is being sold, it is all about building relationship with the country that got those jet fighter.Maybe it need 10 years of relationship or more than that because of spare parts, maintenance and so much more that still need aid from US.Well it is still a business even though in the eye of people, it looks like a security measurement for the country.Of course it can expand to build airbase for example… so as to strengthen the relationship between two nation.

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