Monday’s column: “Bill Clinton’s (Secretary) General tendencies” — also, Clinton seeks interns again

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily concerns former President Clinton’s constant and aggressive application process for the job of United Nations Secretary General. The position opens up at the end of this year, and Bill intends to be there– whether there’s a U.N. rule which prevents somebody from a nation with a permanent seat on the Security Council from getting the job or not.

Read “Bill Clinton’ (Secretary) General tendencies” to find out why.

On-point side notes:

Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation has posted an Internet job listing seeking 25 interns. Seriously.

Here’s a listing from the Clinton Foundation website of what is required, and what you’ll learn, in the “Clinton Foundation Internship Program”.

You’ve got to like the “hands on experience” and the “brown bag lunch” entries (well, he is our “first black president“, right?) Gonna go lose breakfast now.

Have a good Monday!

Bill Clinton poses with four members of his intern program–three of whom are visible above the bottom of the frame

Author: Doug Powers

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