Sacre (cordon) Bleu!: 20 countries ban French poultry

From The Australian:

About 20 countries are now banning poultry imports from France as a result of an outbreak of bird flu in the country.

The states imposing total or partial restrictions include “Japan, Hong Kong, Morocco, Egypt, Thailand and North Korea”, junior trade minister Christine Lagarde said today at an agricultural fair in Paris.

There are 30,600 commercial poultry farms in the country that bring in about $9.6 billion to the French economy… or, should I say, brought in.

It seems like only yesterday the Subway sandwich chain ran an ad in ten states for their cordon bleu sandwich, said “France and chicken: Somehow it goes together.”

Some people of French descent, both in the U.S. and abroad, took offense.

I wonder how bad France would now like to have back that free advertising.

Author: Doug Powers

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