Iran angering the United Nations concerning nuclear enrichment, UN threatens to hold its breath until it turns yellower

From BBC News:

Iran has warned it will end snap UN inspections of its nuclear facilities from Saturday if a decision is made to report it to the UN Security Council. It comes after six key powers said the UN’s nuclear watchdog, which meets on Thursday, should take Iran to the UN.

The nuclear agency has confirmed that Iran has started preparations to resume producing enriched uranium, which can be used in nuclear weapons. Iran denies US-led claims that it is seeking to develop nuclear arms.

Uh oh. Sounds like the U.N. is ticked. If this keeps up, the U.N.’s going to be forced to raise it’s voice ten decibals (or another amount agreed to by General Assembly) and consider not saying “please” anymore.

Also, it’s very likely that all this has led to the following phone conversation:


“Hello, Kofi Annan here.”

“Kofi, it’s your old pal!”


“No, no…Jimmy Carter. I’d be happy to help negotiate with the Iranians concerning their nuclear enrichment.”

“Jimmy! Hello! Hey, thanks for putting in that deck.”

“No problem! Glad you liked it. I did a similar one for Arafat.”

“Okay Jimmy. Lets start by discussing a timeline for Iran. You go first.”

“Thanks, Kofi, but I insist, you go first.”

“That’s very nice of you, but I defer to you, Mr. President.”

“No, really Mr. Secretary, you go first.”

“Should I have it voted on in general session, Jimmy?”

“Only if I can mediate the round-table discussion to form a fact-finding committee to negotiate a proper inspection query, pending approval by President Ahmadinejad, of course.”