Madonna Awaits Messiah in Israel — Messiah Alters Itinerary to Come in Through Jersey Instead

If Madonna isn’t careful, it’s things like this that are going to make people think she’s weird.

Madonna is trying to buy a house overlooking the Sea of Galilee at the place where followers of her Kabbalist faith expect the Messiah to reappear to herald world peace.

Representatives of the 47-year-old US singer have been cold calling home-owners in the picturesque mountain retreat of Rosh Pina and offering to pay any price to secure a property on her behalf.

There you have it–the first thing the Messiah will see upon His return is the Israeli coast containing a vacuous cone-bra clad American pop singer with a fake British accent. The Messiah will be as confused as Paris Hilton playing Boggle, and probably run away as Madonna tries to teach Him to “Vogue”, never to return again.

Madonna’s incredible preoccupation with obtaining land at the precise area she thinks the Messiah will return tells me that she probably has a gross misunderstanding of what “the second coming” means.

Author: Doug Powers

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