Skirtin’ Halliburton: Ports Deal to Give Bush What He Wanted All Along?

Anti-Bush/Cheney conspiracy theorists, start your engines!

From CNN:

A United Arab Emirates-owned company has agreed to turn over all of its operations at U.S. ports to an American entity, Sen. John Warner said Thursday.

Guess who’s going to be the front-runner to get the Dubai Ports deal? Ah yes, the evil, cunning behemoth that is called Halliburton.

That, however, isn’t the conspiracy part. Just wait until people start crawling out of the woodwork to say that the Bush Administration (which is led by Cheney, of course) planned it this way all along. Yep, the same way they created Hurricane Katrina so the government could hire Halliburton to clean it up.

Halliburton running all the ports? You have to wonder which would be worse news to Chuck Schumer, one of the biggest critics of the UAE owning U.S. ports. If it comes down to choosing between Halliburton and the UAE, I’ll bet a pair of gold plated reading glasses that Chuck’s going to do a Kerry sized flip-flop and demand a foreign company own the ports.

This, of course, could cause everybody to go back to “Plan A”, which was the ports being operated by Dubai, and Bush will end up with what he wanted.

Either way, the conspiracy theorists will spend plenty of time snacking on this one– especially now that the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has been solved.

Author: Doug Powers

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