New column at The American Spectator: Peace at any cost is too expensive

Last week, Tom Fox, described as a “Christian peace activist” was executed in Iraq by terrorists who abducted him, along with three others, late last year.

This got me to thinking about “peace at any cost”, which seems to be the road most advised by pacifists. I discuss the implications of pacifism, along with its unfortunate connection to Tom Fox and others, in today’s column at The American Spectator.

To sum it up briefly, the moral of the story is “it’s a lot easier to be a pacifist when somebody’s got your back”.

On-point side notes:

I’ve wondered on more than one occasion how come many of the same people who think everything should be free at best, or “affordable” at worst (health care, etc), are more than willing to suggest that we all pay “any price” for peace, no matter how high. Strange, eh?

Author: Doug Powers

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