Note to Debbie Stabenow’s Opponent, Here’s Your Campaign Poster

Drudge has a story up right now concerning my home state Senator, Michigan’s liberal-to-the-point-of-dry-heaves Debbie Stabenow:

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) went to the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon and displayed an enormous sign that read “Dangerously Incompetent” while giving a speech attacking the Bush administration over first responder and Homeland Security funding.

Stabenow was on the Senate floor selling an amendment she has offered to increase funding for first responders by $5 billion. “God forbid that there is another terrorist attack or a natural disaster,” Stabenow warned.

Here’s a picture from Stabenow’s speech, complete with sign color that matches Debbie’s Lane Bryant blazer, and words that nicely compliment her Senate tenure:

This is the most redundant photograph I have ever seen, and maybe it could come in handy.

Republicans really wanted to target Stabenow’s seat in 2006. Senator Elizabeth Dole is the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and she once called Stabenow one of her top three targets for 2006. It would appear that any likely opponents won’t have the muscle in Michigan, where the GOP has lately been as organized as an Enron filing cabinet.

At least Stabenow has provided her opponent with a great photograph to use. The GOP may lose, but there’s no reason to not tell the truth with a lot of help from Debbie.

Fun fact: Debbie Stabenow and Ted Kennedy once agreed to split a cab, and, thanks to the laws of physics, ended up doing exactly that.

Author: Doug Powers

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