Belzer's Morons, Jackson's Ferris Wheel of Justice, and Email Concerning Both Columns

Couple of quick notes this morning.

An earlier blog post regarding actor/comedian Richard Belzer’s comments on the U.S. military being unintelligent unemployable dopes is now a column in The American Spectator today. If you missed the post in question, check out the column at the Spectator.

Here’s an email from Ron R. concerning the Belzer column:

I just read a bio on Belzer after reading your article. The only interesting item was the fact that he only has one testicle.

My apologies to Mr. Belzer. Apparently he’s only half as nuts as I thought.

Also, yesterday’s column at WorldNetDaily where I tried to have a little fun with freaky in “The ferris wheel of justice rolls over Jacko“, generated the following email from Stephon A., which I’ve edited down. (Brevity is the soul of wit, but Stephen obviously cared not to be witty)

A very cute article (The Ferris wheel of justice rolls over Jacko). Your attempt at wit of Jackson’s character falls flat on its face. All of you so called journalist are the same. You are all so fascinated with him that you just can’t bear that the man is free and found not guilty.

Journalist? If this guy was trying to be insulting for retribution for the MJ column, he succeeded. Okay Stephon, you got me. We’ll call it even. Deal?

I can’t blame him for not knowing the difference between opinion columnist and journalist. Hell, the mainstream media often doesn’t even know the difference.

Author: Doug Powers

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