Sunday Reading Assignment: Freed Pacifist Hostages "Moral Imbeciles"

If you read only one thing today, check out Ian Robinson of the Calgary Sun, who has a piece entitled “Pacifist group revealed as moral imbeciles“.

The column is about the “Christian Peace Activists” who were held hostage in Iraq, then freed by coalition troops, and subsequently never even said “thanks”. Robinson’s column is rife with good stuff and viciously accurate. Here’s a brief example:

Pacifists don’t believe in violence and refuse to use it or abet its use. Pacifists are therefore moral imbeciles.

They’re like the guy at the party who won’t kick in for the pizza but sneaks a slice when he thinks nobody’s looking.

Read the entire thing here. Have a relaxing Sunday (is it football season yet?). See you on Monday.

Author: Doug Powers

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