Monday’s Column: Censorship and Artists, China vs. U.S.

This past weekend, the Rolling Stones held a concert in Shanghai, China, where they agreed not to play a handful of songs that the Chinese government deemed over-the-top.

Other “artists” have done similar things in bending over for the censorship whims of some totalitarian state in order to perform, but if they were ever asked by, say, George W. Bush, to do something similar, there would be a global anti-censorship uprising among musicians, actors, painters, etc. Why?

Read more in today’s column at WorldNetDaily, “It’s only censorship, but they like it“.


Early email:

Chris L. writes…

As an artist, allow me to point out that what happened at the Super Bowl was not censorship. That was a privately owned corporation enforcing standards of their choosing.  In a free country, corporations have the right to deny anyone the use of one of their microphones.
They have not been censored because the person so denied would still have the right to seek the use of anyone else’s microphone.  And the right to buy their own.

Sure it was censorship. Did the network carrying the Super Bowl exercise standards of “their choosing”? Not really. They were afraid of the same FCC fines that bit CBS. Is that a form of government censorship? Sure.

Besides, I could be mistaken, but I don’t think the word “censorship” means a state entity has to be the one doing the censoring.

David G. writes:

Point made on Stones is right on the money.  They are hypocrites and false idols. But the sad truth is GW has also betrayed people like you and me defending him. I never thought he’d pull the rug out as he did on Dubai Ports, immigration, and our homeland security, but there is no other rational explanation.

He has betrayed those of us who defended him the most.  So has his administration.  He cannot even agree the borders need closing first then move the debate along.  This while all kinds of bad infiltrate along with the good folks looking to feed their families. We have been betrayed!

Funny thing is now the Bush side does something far worse!  I am sure you are aware of the guidance technology being exported to China in the wake of the Dubai Ports deal. I am at the point where I see clearly more than ever we believe there is a choice, but in reality the masses are being herded like cattle to support one side or the other, with both sides raising valid points to sway consensus of the masses, while slipping in those hidden agendas along with the package deal. 
It is kind of like the same scenario regarding the line item veto.  A good bill is parasiticly infested with pork.  So it is also with whatever one party wants the public to know.  It slips in the evil by not mentioning it at all, or mentioning it in an ambiguous manner, or burying it in mounds of tech talk. When a TV station or cable network covers the story it is limited in time allowed per topic, so details are conveniently not covered or not covered thoroughly resulting in more of the same. Americans such as myself read about pork politics, and line item vetoes.

The sad truth is that our heads are not filled with the news alone, but all the pork that goes along with it, and more importantly, distorts it, conveniently, to hide all the nasty little deadly dirt that our leadership wants us totally ignorant of!

Point taken, David!

Author: Doug Powers

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