El Congreso: From Taxation Without Representation, to Representation Without Representation

This whole illegal immigration fiasco is very telling about the current nature of the U.S. Congress, not to mention other branches of government.

The illegal alien problem was allowed to get out of control, and now those people who allowed it to get out of control are in charge of trying to fix it? Wasn’t it Einstein who said that you can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it?

Now that it’s reaching a boiling point, Congress did what anybody in a leadership role would do– they took a break. The days of “taxation without representation” are a wet dream compared to what we have now, which is “representation without representation”.

U.S. citizens are on the verge of being sold out quicker than XBox 360’s at Christmastime. Once laws are modified based on how loud somebody screams in Times Square, we’re in big trouble. These are some of the people we elect.

On the plus side, there are people like Tom Tancredo and some others who are still, fortunately, naive enough to think that they represent the United States of America.

Isn’t it odd that so many of those Inside-the-Beltway, who are usually slaves to polls, don’t seem to care that the majority of Americans believe illegals should not be allowed to stay and work for a limited number of years, and that we’re not doing nearly enough to secure our borders. To quote Andy Rooney, why is that?

Oh wait, it’s racism, right? Sure. Who’s the racist: those of us who simply believe that anybody coming in should do so legally, or those who want to let Mexicans in illegally because all they’re good for is cleaning toilets and busing tables and other lousy crap Kennedy nephews shouldn’t be doing?

If you think that the pro-illegal argument isn’t racist, ask yourself this: if somebody said “we should let in more Africans because they’ll do the low paying jobs nobody else will”, what would be the response from Ted Kennedy, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, et al?

Racism, schmacism. Congress isn’t doing their job, plain and simple. But then, we’re getting used to that.


Note: For more on this subject, I have a column today at The American Spectator entitled “From Si to Shining Si“.

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Author: Doug Powers

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