Minimum Wage, Maximum McClintock

Tom McClintock of the 19th Senate District in the California Legislature has a terrific op-ed in today’s LA Times concerning the minimum wage increase proposal in California.

Here’s a tidbit from McClintock’s column:

If a simple legislative act increasing the minimum wage to $7.75 is all that is needed to improve the lot of the working poor by just a little, then why not raise it to $10 an hour and get them to the poverty level? For that matter, why not raise it to $50 an hour, assuring every working Californian a comfortable living? The truth is that if your labor is worth $6.75 an hour and the minimum wage is raised to $7.75, you simply become unemployable. The first rung of the ladder is gone, and there’s no place to start.

McClintock argues reasonably, but it will fall on deaf ears, because the minimum wage isn’t about helping workers making minimum wage– it’s about sucking up to labor unions.

Why, you might ask, would big labor unions with members who make way more than the minimum wage, care about this? Because of the forced bottom-to-the-top doppler effect of mandated minimum wage increases.

The minimum wage goes up, unions demand raises in their new contracts with employers to correllate with the increase, so their members are not “that much closer to the poverty line”, which the minimum wage is falsely considered.

Oh, as a convenient side-effect, the unions’ take on dues goes up too. The guy with little or no marketable skills has now been priced out of work by the caring State, and Democrats go home smiling in the knowledge that they helped the “working man”.


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Author: Doug Powers

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