Condoleezza's Watermelon Lands on College Algebra Instructor

We all know that most colleges are dominated by liberal instructors. That’s a given. Leftists and colleges full of young minds go together like grubs and lawns, but is it possible for some of this campus moss growing on the shady side of the real world to make freakishly stupid political statements on a math test they wrote? Absolutely.

This is the introduction to a story from the Smoking Gun:

To prepare for an upcoming exam, students at a Washington state college last month were given a sample test that contained an algebra problem involving someone named “Condoleezza,” watermelons, and a federal building. The practice test was distributed to students in an intermediate algebra class at Bellevue Community College.

The first few pages of the test begin at the above link, but the question that is causing the stink is #25, which is here.

For those who aren’t in a clicking mood, here’s the beginning of the question (wording not corrected): “Condoleezza holds a watermelon over the edge of roof of the 300-foot Federal building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second…”

Why a watermelon? Because Condoleezza already threw off her barbecued ribs, corn bread and collard greens in previous algebra tests.

She threw a watermelon into the air at twenty feet per second? Gee, mista liberal instructa… dem negroes sho is strong ain’t dey?

How do I know the instructor is liberal? After all, he could be just some far right wing KKK nut engaged in a frantic search for his missing chromosome via an algebra test, right? Doubtful. I’m pretty sure the instructor in question isn’t a right winger because he hasn’t been fired, and they won’t give their name. According to the story, he’s apologized and is seeking “sensitivity training”. Based on the way the question was asked, he also needs proofreading and grammar training.

If a conservative instructor had written a similar question, he or she would be receiving their “sensitivity training” at the unemployment office and have their name on the cover of tomorrow’s New York Times.

Don’t worry, I’m sure Jesse Jackson is on his way to Washington state as we speak to defend Condoleezza Rice against this vile racism that has permeated the aptly named Bellevue. Isn’t he? Jesse…? Anybody seen the Reverend? Anyone…?


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Author: Doug Powers

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