Help Wanted: Democrat Candidates for 2006 – Duties Include Fundraising, Light Stereotyping, Extensive Grovel, and Babysitting

It would appear that, despite many the Republican problems, including the stepping down of Tom DeLay and the general selling out of conservative principle by many Republicans, the Democrats still face an uphill battle in 2006 in what may turn out to be politics’ answer to the Special Olympics.

From the Washington Post via MSNBC:

An 18-month recruitment drive by the Democrats has produced nearly a dozen strong candidates with the potential for unseating House Republicans, but probably not enough to take back control of the House absent a massive anti-incumbent wave this fall, according to House political experts.

To gain more ground, the Democrat Party is aggressively recruiting candidates. I can see the ad now: Help Wanted: Democrat Candidates for 2006 – Duties Include Fundraising, Light Stereotyping, Extensive Grovel, and babysitting (to apply specifically for the latter, send resume to U.S. Capitol Bldg., c/o John Conyers).

More on the recruitment of Dem candidates:

DCCC officials now refer to their recruitment efforts as putting as many surfboards as they can in the water.

Emanuel  (Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – DCCC) turned to a team of young, eager House Democrats, with Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen in the lead and with meetings set for every other Thursday at 8 a.m. The team divided the country by regions and aggressively beat the bushes in search of candidates with charisma and the potential for raising money. Trudi Inslee, the wife of Rep. Jay Inslee (Wash.), led a spousal outreach program to reassure the wives and husbands of candidates about the life of a congressional family.

Are these people running for national office, or selling Amway? What’s the difference? With Amway you end up with something that cleans house instead of soils it.

In any case, if you’ve always wanted to be a politician but weren’t quite sure how to get into the game, Rahm Emanuel would like to have a chat with you!

Even if you’re a Republican, it’s a good place to start. You can always switch parties later. This is a golden opportunity to get to know the people with whom you’ll later end up co-sponsoring bills.


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Author: Doug Powers

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