Easter + PETA = Shameless Publicity Stunt

Well, it’s the time of year of another Christian holiday, which of course means that PETA is mandated to mock the deeply held beliefs of millions of people to protest sheep castration, circus elephant abuse, and chicken de-beaking. Then of course, there’s the lamb museling in Australia. This from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A billboard depicting a bloody, crucified lamb has been refused space above Syndey’s roads this Easter, an animal rights group said today.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which has been running an international campaign against sheep mulesing in Australia, wanted to mount the confronting image for motorists to see over the Easter long weekend.

Museling is the surgical removal of folds of skin from the backsides of sheep. Here in the States, we don’t call it museling. In the U.S., removing the folds of skin from the backside of sheep is referred to as “getting Billy-Bob off that sheep”.

Check out PETA’s website and you’ll find a link to a message from Pope Benedict XVI, in which he condemned factory farming. I wonder what the Pope would think of PETA depicting a lamb on a crucifix.

I wonder why PETA never mocks Islam? After all, some say it’s the fastest growing religion in the world. What a great opportunity to get some attention.

More from PETA:

While you’re at the PETA site, you can sign Pamela Anderson’s hunt petition. No, no, you didn’t misread that; it’s hunt. Pam’s lobbying to protect Canadian seals.

Pam Anderson sure is busy. Not long ago she was appearing in many anti-KFC ads calling for a boycott of that restaurant. PETA and Anderson asked the Kentucky governor to remove a bust of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder, Colonel Sanders, from the state capitol. Of course, that didn’t go anywhere. Getting a bust of Colonel Sanders removed from the Kentucky capitol is like trying to ban Evian in Malibu. Plus, Anderson can’t say “bust” without making guys lose their train of thought.

Yes, Pamela Anderson speaks for the chickens: a little creature with a brain the size of a pebble, scrawny legs, high pitched squawk, and in-demand breast meat… and then of course there’s the chicken.

You just know that, right now, somewhere, some PETA people are feverishly working to figure out a way to depict a chicken on a crucifix in time for Christmas.


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Author: Doug Powers

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