Time Magazine Announces the “10 Best Senators” – Coming Next Week, the “10 Best Varieties of Genital Herpes”

Time Magazine has released their list of the “10 best Senators“.

Before you read the list, keep in mind that these people were chosen for their proven ability to “make a difference”. While you’re at it, remember some other things in history that have “made a difference”, such as the influenza pandemic of 1918, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the Carter Administration, and Hurricane Katrina.

Here are the “10 best Senators”:

Wind your way down that list and you run into so many fence-sitters that you’ll swear you’re on a chicken farm.

Carl Levin is my home state Senator, and I can attest that I wouldn’t put him on any “best” list, unless it was “best at putting their reading glasses so low that they end up on somebody else’s nose”.

The Kopechne family may be surprised to find Ted Kennedy on the “best Senators” list as well, as would the still traumatized patrons at au Bar.

Dick Durbin? Who voted on this thing? Al Qaeda?

If some of the people on this list are actually one of the “10 best“, God help us.


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Author: Doug Powers

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