New column Monday, reader email, and other et ceteras

A couple of quickies before another busy Monday gets underway. There are a few reader emails posted at The American Spectator regarding my Friday column, “Al Gore’s Hot Flick“. That first one gets an “A” for effort, doesn’t it? Nicely done.

Secondly, I have a new column up at WorldNetDaily today. It’s called “Category-5 Exploitation“, and it’s about the Democrats’ plan to use the New Orleans hurricane as a major campaign theme in ’06 and ’08. Katrina now has a pimp.

Third and finally for this morning, when fuel prices are skyrocketing, nobody wins except Arabs and the retiring Chairmen or oil companies, right? Wrong. Pawnshops are starting to make a killing. For now, it’s washing machines, guitars, televisions and rings. If it keeps getting worse, however, I predict we’ll begin to see small pawnshops up for sale in larger pawnshops. And the craziness continues…

Have a great week, all!

Author: Doug Powers

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