White House Press Corps Gets Snow’d Under

From the “just in” department, Fox News commentator, talk show host, and former speech writer for George H.W. Bush, Tony Snow, has accepted the position of White House Spokesman left vacant by Scott McClellan.

I’m part happy, part disappointed. Tony Snow’s a talented commentator and skillful debater, but spending the next couple of years fielding awkwardly bouncing grounders from the belfry bats of sound bite crazed boobs may not be the most effective way to spend his energies. This is kind of like Pavarotti accepting a full-time gig singing for shut-ins: you realize it’s charitable, but you nevertheless can’t fathom why he’d take the job.

That said, I wish Tony only the best as he begins parsing Butterfingers with Candy Crowley.


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Author: Doug Powers

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