If You Stop Buying Pigmeat, Looking at Editorial Cartoons, and Paying Attention to Lars Ulrich, The Terrorists Win

The world’s most wanted man is ranting about cartoons and the purchase of canned meats. We’ve seen it all now.

From CNN:

The complete version of Osama bin Laden’s most recent audio message appeared Thursday on Islamist Web sites, four days after excerpts appeared on the Arabic language TV channel Al-Jazeera.

Al Qaeda’s leader focused much of his almost 52-minute message on what he continually referred to as “a Zionist-crusader war on Islam,” which he said was shown most explicitly by the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Bin Laden’s video appeared on… you guessed it: Al Jazeera - the Middle Eastern TV network best known for their “two-fer Tuesday” back-to-back airings of classic hits from al-Qaeda and any other unhinged spiral-eyed crazy with access to video equipment and a FedEx guy.

Bin Laden’s now doing something new, however. He’s putting a little Jesse Jackson action into his repertoire and calling for a boycott. In this case, a boycott of all Danish products. Industries such as… uh. Well, there’s…  I’ll get back to you…

So, in short, if you want to fight terrorism, support our Danish brothers and sisters and buy pigmeat, give Lars Ulrich of Metallica some serious attention, and keep reading those editorial cartoons, except for Tom Toles. It’s okay to boycott him.


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Author: Doug Powers

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