Nuestro Himno: Ted Kennedy Disagrees With Howard Dean on Anthem

It would appear that two of the leaders of the Democrat Party disagree on an issue of national interest.

A few days ago, President Bush said that the National Anthem should be sung in English, and if you’re living in the U.S. and don’t know English, learn it.

Ted Kennedy agrees that the Anthem should be sung in English, or if it’s during happy hour, to at least give it your best shot.

However, the Chairman of the DNC, Howard “yeeaahhh” Dean says that the Anthem is okay if sung in any language.

In Canada, they sing the anthem in—the Canadian anthem in French and English. You know, I‘m a patriot. I‘m proud to have our anthem sung in any language possible. I don‘t care if you translate it into German. As long as people are singing the national anthem in the United States of America and being patriotic, I think, we ought to be pleased with that.

Dr. Dean, if you and your party as it exists today were in charge throughout this nation’s history, we would not only be singing the National Anthem in German, we’d be singing the German National Anthem.


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Author: Doug Powers

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