At Last, A Bill That Hillary Can't Wait To Get Her Teeth Around

I ran across this at the Daily Kos blog. Hillary Clinton has introduced a bill that seeks to tie congressional pay raises directly to increases in the federal minimum wage.

Here’s the bill as proposed.

Since everybody in politics is now incredibly paranoid about the potential for getting busted for employing illegal aliens, is it any coincidence that this bill comes out at a time (aside from the usual election year frosting) that these people in Congress will actually have to start paying, perish the thought, minimum wage to legal citizens to clean their houses?

Maybe it’s not so much about “caring for the working people” as it is ensuring their bottom line is met.

Seriously though, Congressional pay tied to increases in the minimum wage? Hey, great idea. 

Prediction: If this passes, within five years the federal minimum wage will be $21.50 an hour. Former small business owners and their ex-employees will be in the unemployment line, and Democrats will be beaming with pride, knowing that they didn’t accept a pay raise that didn’t “help the working people”.

Supporters of the bill in Congress won’t notice the disaster, however, because, thanks to their corresponding pay raises, they’ll still be able to afford the $21.50 an hour for their housekeepers, drivers, and gardeners.

Hillary learned something from Bill. It’s a lesson that was pretty much summed up back when the founder of Godfather’s Pizza expressed concern over high business taxation to Clinton at a townhall meeting in 1994. Clinton’s response was “just raise the price of your pizza”. (it’s about halfway down this transcript)

So, essentially, if Congress wants more pay, Hillary’s just raising the price of your pizza, that’s all. What’s the big deal?


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Author: Doug Powers

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