“In Michael Newdow We Trust”

Atheist/activist Michael Newdow is kind of like herpes. You can never really get rid of herpes. Well, so I hear. It just keeps coming back and back and back, and itching and burning and making you regret that drunken trip to Thailand back in ’87. But anyway…

Michael Newdow has become a herpes of sorts. You remember Newdow as the guy who wants “God” taken from the Pledge. Newdow plans to never let up in his quest to remove God from all things until achieving his ultimate goal of forcing even God himself to have to legally change his name to “Frank”.

Newdow would have lobbied to have the TV show “Touched by and Angel” changed to “Groped by a figment of your imagination”, but the program was cancelled before he could take action.

On May 19th Newdow will appear in court. His current itchy exploit? To have the words “In God we trust” removed from money and any other public place it may appear.

The terminally pesky are like water on a driveway – continuing to ebb and flow until finding a crack to seep into where it begins to further erode the integrity of the concrete.

Early in 2004, Newdow tried to have the word “God” removed from any oaths taken at presidential inaugurations.

Appearing on FOX News’ “Hannity & Colmes” at the time, Newdow said that Bush intended to “use the machinery of the state to advocate his religious beliefs.” Newdow takes up so much taxpayer funded court time that he has put enough energy into the relationship to be considered the 9th Circuit’s common-law spouse, and he’s accusing somebody of abusing “the machinery of the state”?

A couple of years prior to that, Newdow and his allies on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional because it contained the words “under God.” If the ruling hadn’t been overturned by a higher court, it would have applied to nine states – 10 if you counted “shock.”

Now, Newdow is after “In God we trust”. The herpes is back, and the medication isn’t working as we’d hoped.

The simple conclusion is this: Michael Newdow is Joan Crawford and the world is a wire hanger. He’ll never reach a point of satisfaction. All we can do is pray that soon he realizes that his crusade has become a regular visit to the Church of the Non-Believer. A place where words of discouragement are the daily sermon, and everyone tithes 20 percent of their time to denying God a place in national discourse. In other words, Newdow’s quest has become everything he stands against – a religion practiced in public.


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Author: Doug Powers

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