It Only Makes Sense: Wind Farms Should Be Close to Wind Bags

Seeking alternative sources for energy makes sense, and wind is a huge resource for natural power… unless it obstructs the view of a Kennedy. But we’ll get to that in a second.

It has just been announced that a wind farm will be built off the Texas coast, near South Padre Island, where 170 windmills will be placed in the Gulf of Mexico:

Houston-based Superior Renewable Energy will build and operate the project, which will be situated within about 10 miles of Padre Island. It is expected to cost $1 billion to $2 billion and should be ready in five years.

Its 400-foot turbines would generate a total of 500 megawatts of electricity, or enough energy for 125,000 homes.

So, Texas, home of so much “big oil” and other evils, steps up to the plate as it concerns alternative, clean, and cheap sources of energy. Meanwhile, a man who champions the fight against big oil greed, Ted Kennedy, and many other good environmentally-conscious liberals who inhabit the Martha’s Vineyard area two months a year, are fighting the proposed building of a wind farm in Nantucket Sound.

Why are they opposed? It will be unsightly. Oh come on, if area residents have to look at this all summer, will a couple of windmills really make much of a difference as far as aesthetics go?

Staunch environmentalist RFK Jr. also opposes the wind farm, saying it will obstruct the view of Nantucket Sound from Cape Cod.

Why do I feel like I’m watching the old Bugs Bunny cartoon, where the Martian is going to blow up the earth because “it obstructs my view of Venus”?

It only makes sense to put energy-generating windmills in proximity to where the greatest number of windbags reside, and that logical place is in and around Nantucket Sound.

As for Kennedy concern for the pristine nature of the off-Massachusetts waters, their various vehicles have, on more than one occasion, dumped so much oil and debris in the Sound that, were they not Kennedys, they would have received a handsome fine from the EPA and a complimentary Exxon Valdez windbreaker. As a result, I’m not sure they’re the proper family to be judging east coast cleanliness.

So, congratulations, Texas, for having the guts to look past your evil oil greed and be the first to begin to harness wind power. The caring “uber environmentalists” in and around the Kennedy compound have been exposed for what they are: selfish frauds.

Now, if we can just get a windmill near Teddy’s mouth, we could power Martha’s Vineyard for the next decade.


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Author: Doug Powers

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