At Last, Some Good News for the French: Jerry Lewis Returns

Hey layyy-deee! Jerry Lewis will return to his Vegas act this summer.

Lewis, 80, is booked for a four-night comeback engagement from July 13 to 16 at the Orleans Showroom, where he was a regular fixture before various medical problems sidelined the veteran entertainer, spokeswoman Candi Cazau told Reuters.

His old, 2 1/2-hour stage act featured a combination of singing, comedy, dancing and pratfalls, but Cazau said his new show would likely be somewhat less physically demanding.

At 80 years old, there are no “pratfalls” anymore, just “falls”, but the French are thrilled at the comeback announcement nonetheless. And you know the old saying, “If France is happy, somebody else must be doing all the work”.

Author: Doug Powers

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