Monday’s Column: Wind farms and Blowhards, a Match Made in Heaven

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another column at WorldNetDaily.

When you think of being for finding and implementing alternative clean sources of energy, such as wind power, you’d probably think that nobody, certainly not a liberal, would be against it, right? Not unless it gets in the way of their view of Nantucket Sound.

An organization called “Cape Wind” is planning what is called a “wind farm” out in the Sound. The Kennedy family, and others from the area, are fighting the proposal.

It was recently announced that a similar wind farm will be built off South Padre Island in Texas (though, instead of lauding the clean energy that will power 125,000 homes, CNN runs the pessimistic headline of “wind farm may endanger birds“). I wonder how many birds get whacked by CNN reporters jets on a daily basis.

Why is Texas, home of “big oil” and other evils of modern times, ahead of Kennedy’s Massachusettes as it concerns clean energy alternatives? Read “Wind farms and blowhards: a match made in heaven” for more.

Note only should the wind farm be near the Kennedy compound, but it should be on it to harness all of Ted’s hot air. It wouldn’t be that bad. Here’s a rendition of how it would look:

Not bad if you ask me!

Author: Doug Powers

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