Firm Resignation: Bush Border Speech Packs the Wollup of a Wet Sponge

Sometimes when you need a leader and beckon a Churchill, Clementine shows up with a few well chosen words and a tumbler full of Johnny Walker black label. Winston is nowhere to be found. Not this time.

My first thought while watching President Bush’s immigration/illegal alien speech last night (transcript) was, rightly or wrongly, this: “I wish he could be as passionate about protecting our own backyard as he is about kicking ass halfway around the world.”

After that, the speech was a fairly good effort to appear to be taking action without really taking any. Conservatives feared it would be a Clinton-esque speech, full of a lot of nothing. It was more than that, but less than a bit of something.

A few thoughts:

–The National Guard, 6,000 of them, will be deployed, but not directly involved in law enforcement. This is like sending Red Adair to an inferno but telling him he can’t use his hose.

–Bush isn’t for amnesty, but isn’t for kicking out illegals already here. I guess this means he’s against amnesty for people who aren’t here yet. Huh?

–President Bush continues to treat Vicente Fox as if the Mexican president is in possession of incriminating photos and threatening to call the Washington Post. Fox is all but driving illegals here in a school bus and dropping them off, and yet Bush refuses to face off with Fox and continues to call him and Mexico our “friend”.

–It’s important to understand that, yes, there are so many millions of illegals here that deporting them may seem impossible due to the sheer numbers. But to allow an avenue for illegals to become legal is kind of like adopting as a member of the family the person who broke into your home just to avoid calling him a criminal.

–The speech would have had more impact and made more sense had it been delivered over four years ago. Now it just seems like an attempt to shut people up by trying to plug a leak in the Hoover Dam with a piece of chewing gum.

There is more, but time is short, as is patience.


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Author: Doug Powers

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