DNA Suggests Humans and Chimps Monkeyed Around

“So, do you swing by your prehensile tail here often?”

From National Geographic:

Early human ancestors and chimpanzee ancestors may have mated and produced offspring, according to a new DNA study.

The study suggests that the human and chimp lineages initially split off from a single ape species about ten million years ago. Later, early chimps and early human ancestors may have begun interbreeding, creating hybrids—and complicating and prolonging the evolutionary separation of the two lineages.

More evidence:

Researchers found dozens of fossilized Pabst Blue Ribbon cans at a dig site, along with nearby cave hieroglyphics depicting a man asking a chimp, “got any homosapien in you? No? Want some?” and “I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?”

By the way, the human/chimp breeding resulted in, you guessed it, this:



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Author: Doug Powers

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