Commie Dearest: Mao Satirized, Chinese Students Hammer Mag and Sickle the Wagons

Some are comparing it to the Danish cartoon featuring Mohammed wearing a timebomb turban, and the subsequent protests. Well, this is a little smaller than that, sort of a takeout box version.

A satirical student newspaper at Massey University in New Zealand, called “Chaff”, printed a mock Cosmopolitan magazine satirizing China’s former leader Mao Zedong on the cover. The Chinese student population there isn’t taking it well.

…student Xing Tang said Chaff staff are ignorant of Chinese culture.

“Chairman Mao is like Jesus to us,” he said on the verge of tears.

“We pay $20,000 in fees and a Musa fee (which funds Chaff) and this is how we are treated.”

Student Ronnie Cao likened the cover to the anti-Muslim cartoons.

“This is discrimination against us.”

It will have a huge effect on New Zealand’s reputation, Mr Cao said.

However, compared with the United States, New Zealand is still considered a safe place for Chinese parents to send their children, he said.

“Considered a safe place for Chinese parents to send their children”?… Until now. New Zealand has proven that is has freedom, including the freedom to pick on murderous former world leaders. Of course, anybody who would worship Chairman Mao would, almost by default, dislike a free culture, so none of this is surprising. I guess for some Chinese youngsters, it’s hip to be Tiananmen Square.

The most interesting aspect of the story is that those who are enraged and offended are apparently rabid Chinese nationalists who nonetheless sought to be educated outside of the greatest country on earth and its inherently Maoist commie nirvana. Perhaps one of two of them will be so angered that they’ll head home, where nobody can satirize Mao, or any other Chinese leader, or practice non state-sponsored religion. Oh to be safe in the arms of oppression.

Frankly, I see where Chinese student anger is coming from. Does that dress unfairly make Mao’s butt look big or what?:


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Author: Doug Powers

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