Vicente Fox in U.S. – Plans to Give Speech, Vote, Get Medical Checkup, Collect Money, Go Home

Vicente Fox has made the trek from Mexico to the United States, and he is expected to make some comments as soon as he climbs out of the trunk with the others. But seriously…

Mexican President Fox is in Utah at this very moment. It is still unclear at this time whether or not he’s in the country for meetings, or if he just got caught up in the stampede across the border. Whatever is going on, it is definitely not amnesty!

Here’s something rich from the AP story:

Jorge Fierro, a Mexican citizen who has lived in Utah since 1986, hopes Fox addresses how he and future leaders can improve the lives of Mexicans. 

In defense of Vicente Fox, he is helping improve the lives of Mexicans. He’s telling them to go to the United States for the free goodies and doing his best to hold the gate open. Give him a break, Jorge!


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Author: Doug Powers

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