“Chief Wana Dubie” Doesn’t Bogart That Amnesty

In case you haven’t heard, a favorite pet political candidate of this space is Chief Wana Dubie. I’m a big fan of the Chief because he’s outrageous, crazy, “out there”, and yet would somehow add sanity to politics, which should tell us how far politics and politicians have fallen. Not that I agree with him on most issues, but still, I’d give a week’s pay to see him in the State House.

A couple months ago, I wrote some suggestions for the Chief to use as campaign slogans, and the Chief wrote me and asked for further support. Not being in proximity to a dime-bag, I decided to help in a different way – by pointing out where he’s right and giving him a bit of free publicity.

Here’s one issue the Chief, who is running for Missouri State Rep. as a Libertarian under the slogan is “put a hippie to work in ’06”, has nailed. 

Look at the sign in his left hand.

I couldn’t agree more, Chief. Pass the Doritos, man.

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