Mainstream Media Baez

It would appear that folk activists have opened a ‘branch’ office.

From Reuters:

Folk singer Joan Baez sang “We Shall Overcome” from a tree-top perch in Los Angeles on Wednesday…

Big deal. I saw a guy doing that in the park the other day. The best thing about being an aging singer/activist is that it will be really, really difficult to tell exactly when the dementia kicks in. Always keep ’em guessing, I say.

Baez, 65, who gave voice to civil rights and anti-war campaigners in the 1960s, joined Julia “Butterfly” Hill, an anti-logging activist, in taking up residence in the tree in the 14-acre fruit and vegetable garden in gritty south Los Angeles.

Baez will take shifts occupying the tree with Hill, who spent two years in the late 1990s sitting in a northern California redwood to highlight the plight of ancient forests.

Old headline seekers are now living in trees. Evolution at work. If Darwin was right, pretty soon they’ll start to sprout “impeach Bush” placards from their backs.

Author: Doug Powers

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