Mock FEMA Hurricane Drill Goes Awry, Mock Louisiana Residents Mock Screwed

“Gilligan, you’re doin’ a heckuva job…”

With the needle on the public perception meter already hovering right around the “O.J. Simpson” level, FEMA staged a hurricane drill, and everybody got caught in the swirling eye of confusion:

A mock hurricane exercise in Louisiana was abruptly canceled in the middle of the drill when local and federal officials disagreed over who was in charge of evacuating the largest federally operated trailer park of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita evacuees near Baton Rouge.

This is exactly where Al Haig used to come in handy.

So, the mock drill turned mock ugly, and mock buses got mock soaked again, mock people stood in mock lines for mock gift cards, a mock Geraldo bawled as he did a mock impression of Moses, and the mock mayor vowed in a mock speech to return the city to it’s mock chocolate origin.

Below is a photo taken during the drill, which shows FEMA officials attempting to determine the proper course of action. As you can see, all did not go well.


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Author: Doug Powers

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