Jimmy Hoffa Takes the Cake

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa has become one of life’s eternal mysteries, right up there with “where is Amelia Earhart?” and “how exactly does Jesse Jackson earn a living?”

The search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains continues on a farm in Milford, Michigan. After several days of no success, it looks as if investigators will have better odds of digging up OJ’s other glove than of finding the former Teamster leader.

But the story doesn’t end there.

A bakery in Milford has gained national attention, turning the Hoffa mystery into economic gain. Pictured below is the “Jimmy Hoffa cupcake”.

That’s right. Ol’ Jimmy is still helping the working man, and woman, even from beyond the grave. So, if you can, stop by and support the Milford Baking Company’s pension fund.

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