Dutch "Pedophile Party" Wants to Kid Around, So They're Not Kidding Around

Wear wooden shoes long enough and something like this is bound to happen. If you thought third-parties in the U.S. could get wacky, take a look at this:

Pro-paedophile activists have established a new political party in the Netherlands to campaign for the legalisation of sex between adults and children.

“Ten years ago we were ‘on speaking terms’ with society. But since [Belgian paedophile killer] Marc Dutroux there is no more discussion. All paedophiles are being put in the same box. We are being hushed up,” Ad van den Berg, the co-founder of the NVD party, told newspaper ‘AD’.

Yes, it’s a sad reality, but it’s the 100% of bad pedophiles that taint the good name of the other 0%.

What will be the campaign slogan of these sickos? My best guess: “A Little Tikes car in every garage, and Sponge Bob Kraft macaroni & cheese in every pot”?

More from the story:

The NVD Party also wants to make it legal to possess child pornography and a reduction in the minimum age to feature in porn from 18 to 16. An initial media report that the party wanted the age restriction lowered to 12 was corrected in later reports.

You know, it’s irresponsible journalism of that sort that is bound to ruin NVD’s reputation.

NVD, by the way, stands for “Naastenliefde Vrijheid en Diversiteit”, Dutch for “psst, want some candy?”

Author: Doug Powers

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