At Last, A Car That Undercuts The 100 Pound Barrier

In “small” business news, DaimlerChrysler will soon begin offering a fuel efficient super compact car in the United States called the Smart car. Will it work? They’ve been buzzing around Europe for some time now, but will they survive, literally, in the SUV dominated American roadscape?

This from CNN:

DaimlerChrysler is set to bring the fuel-efficient subcompact Smart car brand to the United States in 2007, according to a published report.

The Detroit News, citing a source familiar with company plans, reported the decision will be announced Tuesday. But a spokeswoman for the Smart brand declined to comment on the report.

Here’s the car:

No, seriously, that’s it. My guess is that the automobile was born of a mid-size sedan that smoked and drank during pregnancy.

The “Smart Car” will be available to the general public as soon as they get all the clowns out of it.

The good news? It’s economical. Instead of having to dispatch diesel-spewing fire trucks and gas hogging ambulances to an accident scene, authorities will only have to send a guy with a hose and half a roll of paper towels. 

No telling how fuel-efficient the car will be on the highway once the funeral procession is factored in, however. The net effect could be about even.


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Author: Doug Powers

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