Judicial Jihadists: Close Gitmo Via Eminent Domain?

Lots of people are speaking out about the Supreme Court’s decision to disallow any military trials for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This could essentially mean the release of terror suspects who are being held there.

Some are pulling no punches. Here’s editorial cartoonist Gordon Campbell’s take, from the Daily Bulletin:


This editorial in the Seattle Times disagrees, however. They say the Court was correct to “stop Guantanamo abuses.”

Abuses, such as flushing Korans down the toilet? The “abuse” in that instance came from Newsweek, who ran with a false story.

At any rate, here’s the crux of the Seattle Times editorial:

The ruling on Guantánamo does not say what will happen in the long run to the hundreds of detainees at the prison. Find a way to move them elsewhere. Close the prison and end this sorry chapter in American history.

Well, we could send them back where they came from, but the left would have a fit. Why? Because many of them face prison, torture and/or death if we sent them back where they came from.

So, you see, we’re left with very few options. We can’t keep them at Gitmo, and we can’t send them back home. Okay, I’m forced to change my mind again. First I wrote about closing Gitmo and sending the prisoners (er, “detainees”) to the United Nations. Then I suggested closing Gitmo and sending them to the Supreme Court building.

I’m calling another audible, and now suggesting that we should close Gitmo and send the priso…detainees… to the offices of The Seattle Times. Stock up on prayer rugs and Band-Aids, guys. You got your wish, and here they come!

What about Eminent Domain?

In closing, here’s a brief suggestion for those who think Gitmo should be closed. You obviously have the Court on your side, so how about this: Get a rich liberal, like maybe George Soros, to announce he wants to build a shopping mall where Gitmo stands.

This Supreme Court loves confiscating property via eminent domain. Forget the “human rights” angle, just say you want to build a Baby Gap and Bed, Bath, and Beyond there, and you’ll get your wish. Call it a “Cuburban revitalization project” and it’s a done deal.


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Author: Doug Powers

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