Independence Day Mailbag

Happy 4th of July, everybody! First off, I’d like to send a shout out to the British who made it all possible, and also thank them for wearing those bright red jackets into battle. The only way they could have stuck out more is if they’d also sported giant neon “bullseye” signs.

Here are some select emails on yesterday’s column, “From Gitmo to Baby Gap.”

Leading off is Beverly R. from West Palm Beach, Florida:

I got an idea last week.  If “they” are insistent on closing Gitmo, then “they” should send all of them to Florida and make Michael Schiavo their guardian.  Then he can petition Judge Greer and hire George Felos, his right to die attorney, to represent them in court and tell the judge how he thought he heard somewhere that these people all want to die and go get their 72 virgins and the judge can order them to be starved to death.

If there’s been a better idea on this subject, I’ve yet to hear it.

E.D. from parts unknown addresses the Eminent Domain angle of the column:

…imagine my astonishment when I found out that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was right and Justice Sandra O’Connor allowed her heart to override her head, for my attention was drawn to a case that buttresses the SCOTUS decision.

In 1833, a man named John Barron complained to the U.S. Supreme Court that the city of Baltimore had ruined his profitable wharf, filling it with earth and gravel by re-routing streams in order to pave the city streets. The city had taken his property for public use, Mr. Barron said, and under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution they could not do that without paying him fair compensation.   The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Mr. Barron’s claim. The Fifth Amendment “is intended solely as a limitation on the exercise of power by the government of the United States,” Chief Justice John Marshall said, “and is not applicable to the legislation of the states.” (Emphasis mine.) Bearing this in mind it behooves all of us to work for a constitutional amendment in the states in which we happen to reside to ensure that on the state, county & municipal level that property can only be seized by eminent domain for public use and that fair compensation is paid for it. 

Ken M. from parts unknown says:

It’s hard to get Americans to focus on any issue of terrorism and security when they know all Osama has to do is ship his bombs via MIPS( Mexican Illegal Parcel System). Their vehicles require no inspections, license or insurance. Their operators are not required to read english, be licensed or abide by US DOT regulations AND their ‘border’ crossing will be assisted by the friendly US Border Patrol along a 12 lane superhighway to any american city of their choice.Why then, should we worry about some small time terrorist in Gitmo?  M.D. said:

Were these Supreme Court judicial jihadists trying to get even with Pres.Bush for his having signed an executive order against eminent domain, which these same Supreme Jihadists had decided against the private property owners in the Kelo case?

Last but not least, regular reader, retired Marine Gunnery Seargent John M. from North Carolina nails it with…

I’m thinking that maybe had the nine so called “justices” of the so called “supreme court” ought to have spent say, a couple of months living in cells in Gitmo in order to get a good “feel” for what the purpose of this prison is.  The fact that they could so easily pass such a fraudulent finding is demonstrative for how much of ordinary life these tyrants in black robes really are.  I can’t say what the Soldiers and Marines currently fighting these terrorists who don’t even qualify as combatants under Geneva Convention, will do, but I know that were I choosing between killing an enemy, and capturing said enemy alive, this supremely idiotic decision would pretty much eliminate one alternative, and positively extenuate the other beyond any call for reason.

You’d think it enough for our “core values” that the Soldiers and Marines fighting must decide whether they have an enemy before them or just some Arab that doesn’t understand English, before the shoot them or let them be, but such is not the case.  The best way to alleviate this problem is to ensure that all these “illegal combatants” are transferred to Washington D.C. to be arraigned and postulate “reasonable bail” as being the only American “way” with regard to captive criminals, and then see who cares about the creature comforts of the “friendly enemy”.  I have a feeling that were these four hundred and some released on bail in D.C., there’d be a different feeling about trials among the residents of D.C.  As near as I can figure, that would be the only way to wake up the idiots who serve as “masters”, as in “oh, the masters make the rules, for the wise men, and the fools”.

John, on behalf of all of us on this 4th of July, Semper Fi!

Author: Doug Powers

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