Ithaca, New York: Your Mayor Hates You, Unless You’re Gay

Gay marriage has been ruled illegal by New York’s top court. There’s a good chance this ruling will be overturned by a higher court faster than you can say “Rex Reed,” but here’s the part of the story that is of immediate interest.

There’s a group called the “Ithaca 50.” These people who sued the state for the legalization of gay marriage, but here’s how the ball got rolling, if you’ll pardon the expression:

Among Ithaca’s disappointed is the mayor, who gave the Ithaca Fifty it’s legal start when she asked them to sue the city to get married in 2004.

A mayor who asked somebody to sue their own city? In any normal place, this would be political suicide, but in liberal areas, this is known as “progressive politics” and is usually rewarded.

I wonder how much all that cost taxpayers. Only in New York, folks… or maybe California, or Vermont, or Massachusetts, or…

Author: Doug Powers

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