Boston’s “Big Dig”: Bureaucratic Idiocy (Pardon the Redundancy) Now Fatal

Is there any better example of moronic governmental bureaucracy that Boston’s “Big Dig” project? The project cost about $15 billion (but goes up with each leak), and was originally projected at about $4 billion. That’s just typical for a government project, but since “completion,” the reconstructed areas have been fraught with problems, including leaks and other thing that should happen to a brand new tunnel.

Well, now the mis-project is fatal.

A woman was killed when three-ton concrete panels fell from the ceiling of a Big Dig tunnel and crushed the car she was riding in late Monday night, Massachusetts Turnpike Authority officials said. The driver escaped through a car window.

So, add a hundred million more to the Big Dig’s cost, this time the expense will come in court.

The thing the “Big Dig” has dug into the most are everybody’s wallets. That, however, is the only part of huge government projects that ever seem to go as planned.

We should view just about any government program with “Big Dig” style skepticism. Take any government program, such as Social Security, and pretend it’s a tunnel under a river. Then, substitute water for accountability, common sense, reason, and fiscal prudence. Nobody in their right mind would drive through the thing.

Take away the water though, and nobody notices the incompetence… until the very structure collapses. The truth is, most government programs are “Big Digs” on a scale that makes the “Big Dig” look more like a “modest scoop.”


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Author: Doug Powers

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