No-Show Protesters At Soldier’s Funeral Billed $5,000, or $1,000 Per I.Q. Point

Remember that group of wingnuts from the “Westboro Baptist Church” (on the Internet at “” — no kidding) who are going around protesting at the funerals of soldiers? We’re about to find out if they’ve been successfully passing around the collection plate.

From the Flint Journal:

Military funeral protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., asked for special police protection for a recent planned visit.

Now they’re getting something they didn’t ask for: a bill.

The controversial group – who say military deaths are God’s retribution for the country’s failure to condemn homosexuality – planned to demonstrate at the July 1 memorial service for fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon Webb of Swartz Creek. But they didn’t show up, and now they’ll be charged more than $5,000 for the cost of providing security.

A thousand dollars per I.Q. point is the highest bill ever doled out by city officials.

If you want to feel emotionally healthy, check out the section of the site called “sermons” and listen to some of them. Note on site: there are no sermons available from April 30 to May 21st as they were busy trying to flag down a ride on a comet.

These people make Charles Manson and Marshall Applewhite seem stable.

Here’s a picture of the pastor of the WBC:

Yes, it’s an idiot exorcism! Get your sneakers and plastic bags ready, everybody!

As I mentioned in the title, members of “Our Lady of the Extra Chromosome” were fined not because they did show up, but because they didn’t, and police had already taken measures to protect them. The group asked for protection, got it, then didn’t show up. The WBC requires more protection much in the same way run-down homes with junk in the yard nobody in their right mind would want to steal always seem to need the best fences and guard dogs.

Did you know that God not only hates America, but God hates Sweden, and God hates Canada as well.

All this hatred revolves around homosexuality, all day, every day. Further study of Shakespeare’s words “the lady doth protest too much, methinks” is in order.


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Author: Doug Powers

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