Oye-vey on the Tee-Vee: Live Israeli Television Feeds

If you want to see first-hand what’s going on in and around Israel on these messy news days, go here for about ten streaming channels worth of Israeli television. If you find the right stations, it’s quite interesting, despite the lack of any sort of translation.

For some background, Bill Kristol from The Weekly Standard has an interesting take on the whole mess, with some good insights concerning what’s really going on and why those of us in the U.S. should care:

Why is this Arab-Israeli war different from all other Arab-Israeli wars? Because it’s not an Arab-Israeli war. Most of Israel’s traditional Arab enemies have checked out of the current conflict. The governments of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are, to say the least, indifferent to the fate of Hamas and Hezbollah. The Palestine Liberation Organization (Fatah) isn’t a player. The prime mover behind the terrorist groups who have started this war is a non-Arab state, Iran, which wasn’t involved in any of Israel’s previous wars.

Read the rest of “It’s our war” here.

As for the Israeli television, most of the feeds are news channels, but if you want to watch other programs, such as “Gentile Ben,” “Shlameil’s Island” or “All My Pitselers,” you can do that also.

This Yiddish glossary can help you translate Israeli television.

Also, just for some opinions that may be on the other side of the coin, check out Beirut TV. I’d link to Hezbollah TV, but I’m not sure there’s anything left to link to. The official name of the Hezbollah TV network is Al-Manar. Normally, the site is here, but it’s, not surprisingly, down. Here’s a cached version of Al-Manar… good luck with the translation. I haven’t seen that vision since trying to read my ophthalmologist’s eye chart after happy hour. 

What’s “Hezbollah TV” programming consist of? Well, France was among the first to grant them a broadcast license, if that’s any indication.


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