Double Duty: U.S. Gov’t Bankrupt, Soccer Head-Butt Bush’s Fault

Two quick items…

Laurence Kotlikoff, a professor at Boston University and researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, says that the U.S. is bankrupt — quite literally. Here’s the entire report: (PDF).

We’re really screwed, because we can’t blame any of this on Ken Lay.

If the professor keeps saying things like this, I won’t be surprised if a chuck of “Big Dig” cement “accidentally” lands on his car one morning on his way to work.

Secondly, here’s the “idiotic stretch of the day”: Zinedine Zidane of France’s World Cup finals team head-butted an Italian player who insulted him, presumably calling him the “son of a terrorist whore” because Zidane is of French and Algerian ancestry. Anyway, Patt Morrison of the LA Times pretty much says this is Bush’s fault. No, really, he does. Hey Patt, let’s cut to the short list… how about a column about what’s not Bush’s fault? If the column doesn’t work, you can just blame Bush.

Okay, I’m off to see Ted Nugent at the annual Common Ground fest soon. I’ll be back in the morning with ringing ears, possibly heatstroke, and a link to Monday’s column at WorldNetDaily. Have a good Sunday all!

Author: Doug Powers

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