The MySpace Marines: The Few, The Proud, The Cross-Dressing Pedophiles

The U.S. Marines are advertising on, and have a recruiting site there as well.

As somebody who has a couple of relatives with MySpace websites and has seen the kinds of blog replies and links they get, I’m thinking this is a recruiting tactic — not for the Marines, but for whatever director is going to be filming “Stripes II.”

More from Yahoo News:

So far, over 12,000 Web surfers have signed on as friends of the Corps in response to the latest military recruiting tactic. Other military branches may follow.

MySpace.Com, the Internet’s most popular social networking site with over 94 million registered users, has helped redefine the way a generation communicates. Users, many in their teens and 20s, post personal profiles and accumulate lists of friends and contacts with common interests.

So, sign up now, and you too could end up in a platoon with a 41-year-old 6’3″ bearded man who goes by the name “SexyGrrl17,” and constantly tries to lure you into the barracks with a Hershey bar and promises of a ride in his Corvette.

My more serious question is this:

Since there’s the precedent of a parent suing MySpace because their kid was sexually assaulted by some pervert she met on the site, if somebody joins the Marines because of a MySpace ad, and Newsweek reports that the soldier flushed a Koran down the toilet or he perpetrated some other alleged abuse, can the Gitmo detainee sue MySpace? After all, Gitmo detainees now have access to U.S. courts.

Sounds like a stretch, which means it’s very likely these days.

But for now MySpace users, don’t worry about any of that, and join the Marines!

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Now drop and give me 50 chat room emoticons, you pizza-faced, l.o.l.-ing, lying about your looks, acronym loving pussy!


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