Monday's Column: Oh Black Bubba, Bam-ba-lam

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily has been six years in the making. In 2000, Bill Clinton decided to locate his official post-presidential office in Harlem. Ever since then many residents there have been screaming “gentrification!”

A few scattered protests over the years didn’t make much news. Then, just a few days ago, there was a protest by at least a dozen ticked off Harlem residents in front of Clinton’s office. They’re still upset. Why aren’t they worshipping Bill Clinton as they’ve been instructed?

Give a read to “Bill Clinton’s Harlem Scuffle” to find out what’s happening, and what Bill Clinton has done for, and to, the black community.

Side notes:

Thanks to Joyanna Adams – a fine writer in her own… uh… right — for the nice birthday wishes and the 40 Scandinavian topless girls (that gives me a total of 49). Yes, I’m 40 today, but it’s nothing that anybody who has lived to be 40 hasn’t done, except for I did it with no hands. I have to go get those darn kids off my lawn now.

Author: Doug Powers

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